Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Made My Own EC Diaper Out of an Old T-Shirt!

I love ECing, but I didn't know this is what I was going to be doing before I had my little one. That's why I bought 15 BumGenius One Size Pocket diapers (which are amazing). However, they aren't perfect for ECing. Taking the diaper on and off can be a hassle. I've been doing a lot of diaper-free, but my husband isn't a big fan of nakey-bum. I just wish I had one of those EcaWare flip-down, drop-front little learning pants!

But alas, they cost $18. You know my husband wouldn't hear of buying more diapers when I already have 15 perfectly fine ones.

I also needed a diaper that wasn't so water-proof, so I could tell when Haven had wet and change her quickly.

First I laid one of my diapers on the T-shirt

Next, I pulled the elastic tight.
After that, I marked around the diaper, an inch or two away from the edge.
If your little one is on the floor, she will want to help.

Then I cut it out. This was the hardest part because my scissors STINK!
Next, I laid my little one on the diaper and tied the back flap around her middle. Since I cut it so that the back flap was still a loop, I just pulled one side of the loop through the other side and tied it like that.
Then, I just tucked in the front flap. Now I can simply pull out the front flap whenever she needs to potty and stuff it back in when she is done! Misses will be easily seen or felt. The diaper is also easy to take completely off because the t-shirt stretches enough to pull it off without untying it.

Here she is on the go. She wasn't happy about being my model...

Here she is wearing the other pair I made before. They were a bit too small because I didn't stretch out the elastic before I traced the diaper. When I make another, I will probably make it even longer, just too make tucking it in easier.

Now, if you have a sewing machine and you are a great seamstress, you probably will not care for this diaper. I, however, have no sewing machine or any sewing abilities. In fact, my sister is hesitant to allow me to even use her machine for fear I might break it! If you have a fear of breaking sewing machines -this could be the do-it-yourself EC diaper for you. Happy ECing!


Miss W said...

You have to tell the whole world I was afraid you'd break my sewing machine? Now I look like a heel! :) You can still borrow it if you want to.

Summer said...

Don't worry, you're the only person who ever reads my blog, lol :)

thecreasycrew said...

I just found it so i am reading it too! I had never heard of ECing until Reid and well for the same reason we quit CDing I never even went there!

Summer said...

Yeah, I can't imagine trying EC with Reid NOT wanting to eliminate in the first place! That would be very trying!