Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hello Everyone, I'm back and I have big news -I'm pregnant! Exciting :)

Lately I've been wondering how I will handle breastfeeding both of my children if Haven doesn't wean before the baby is born. I think tandem nursing is great, but I'm a little worried about night-time tandem nursing. That doesn't sound like something I want to try... This is my plan in the works:

Breastfeed Haven on demand until she is 1 year old.

At 1 year, start night-weaning Haven.
Here is my night-weaning plan (We'll see if this works):
STEP ONE: Nurse Haven to sleep, but when she wakes up to nurse during the night, only nurse her for a few minutes and them have her go to sleep without being nursed to sleep. This will probably be hard, since she likes to nurse to sleep.
STEP TWO: Nurse Haven to sleep, but when she wakes up to nurse during the night, do not nurse her, just comfort her back to sleep. She's probably not going to like this very much....
STEP THREE: When Haven stops waking up during the night to nurse (I'm guessing this will happen when she realizes that she is not going to get to nurse) we can move her crib into the other room.

This is my plan, we shall see what actually happens.

Another thing I'm planning on doing before the baby is born is teaching Haven to sit or stand next to me without running off. Well, so far she can't even walk, but I guess she could definitely crawl away, lol. The reason for this is, when I have the new baby, I don't want to be chasing her around when we are in public and in church while carrying around a newborn. Just trying to plan ahead a little. You mom's out there with more than 1 child probably think I'm insane, lol. Again, we shall see what ACTUALLY happens, lol.

We are super excited about the baby!

Any name suggestions?