Friday, December 26, 2008


We finally closed on the house! We have started painting it - just priming right now. We plan to paint the entire house a light tan or beige. Our next project is carpet and laminate.

Over a week ago, I went to the health department and they told me I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. She said I should have the baby by new years. Last night I had contractions for over 2 hours. They were between 3 and 7 minutes apart. They weren't painful though. It just felt like a gradual tightening... squeezing... hard to breath. However, after I woke Heath up and told him I thought I was in labor, they stopped. (His response -"no, you're not" how did he know?) I'm still a little nervous, but I want to have the baby before monday so I don't have to have that beta strep test done.

I had a great christmas and got everything I wanted, including 2 nursing bras, underwear and socks. It seems so silly that I don't just buy these things for myself when I need them - it's just so hard to buy new things when you know you could make due with the underwear and socks you have been wearing for the past 7 years. Are we too cheap? I seriously still wear underwear I bought before I met Heath (almost 6 years ago).

The sweetest thing Heath has said about the baby:
Me: I wonder what she looks like....
Heath: I'm sure she's beautiful.

Monday, November 17, 2008

HUD is really slow about closing on houses!


I'm going to buy cloth diapers! They are $15.21 each. That may sound like alot, but they are reusable for the next child (or 3 or 4 or 5). They are one size fits all.

Now, if I bought disposable diapers... I've been told it cost about $10 a week. If the baby wears diapers for 2 years , that's $1040! So I will be saving - $811.

Got to go!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Day

I had a good day today! First, my supervisor came and watched me teach and I did good! I was pretty surprised actually, lol. Also, she gave me some guidelines for my portfolio which I REALLY needed cause I had no idea what I was going to put in that thing! I NEED guidelines. When I'm left to do whatever I think is best, I do WAY too much work. The guidelines she gave me have lifted a burden off of my back. Now I just have to finish it before the end of this month!

Now on to yesterdays good news:

We finally got the key to our HUD house we are buying. We got the electricity on and the water on. The good news is -the water works in all the faucets and tubs. All the electric outlets work as well as all the lights we tried. THE AIR CONDITIONER WORKS! That was a miracle I believe. ALSO, the chimney isn't blocked with concrete as we thought, it was actually blocked with some foam stuff which Heath and Bryan cleared away. So now we can have wood heat in our den! Very exciting! Also, the water heater and oven range is electric, so there is no need to have any gas turned on! It looks like the place is livable right away. Sure it has no flooring in most of the rooms and one of the tubs apparently leaks on the floor and it needs lots of paint and new appliances, BUT it is livable. And if we can sell our house, we will move right in.

I'm so glad for all this good news because I was a bit depressed Sunday night. Floating anxiety, I suppose. I need to realise that depression is a choice and choose to think positive thoughts. Something I can work on....

Anyway, I thank God for all these blessings. Plus my pregnancy is going great. Just 10 more weeks to go. 6 more weeks of school! YAY!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I am NOT voting for Obama

*I am Pro-Life
*Obama supports abortion & infanticide

*I believe in capitalism and the free market
*Obama believes in socialism and "spreading the wealth around"

*I believe in less government spending
*Obama plans on adding 3 trillion more dollars in government spending

*I think we should finish the war in Iraq
*Obama wants to pull out of Iraq

Am I for McCain? Not exactly. I am just against Obama.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spread the wealth around? Don't we already do that?

I am a college student who makes less than $4,000 a year. My husband, also a college student, makes less than $6,000 a year. All of our income taxes is refunded to us. Plus, we collectively receive over $12,000 in grants and scholarships from the government (this is extra AFTER paying all our tuition and fees). This year, we bought a $11,000 house and fixed it up for $6,000. Now, we are planning on selling the house for $29,000 and buying a $30,000 house. We have no debt. My question is, why do people think the government isn't giving enough money to the poor of this country? I'd say we are raking it in! I never said I agree with the idea of redistribution of wealth, but I sure am taking advantage of it. I am voting for McCain. Why should the wealthy be forced to give their money to the poor? So we can sit on our lazy butts and take handouts?