Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Diaper Free? Isn't that gross?

Today, Haven has not had an accident (it's 12:47 pm). She has used the potty 6 times already today!

This morning I had an "aha moment." I've been reading and she is so inspiring! She talks a lot about "part-time diaper free." I have been very skeptical of diaper free. The first time I ever heard of diaper free was about 5 or 10 years ago when I saw a special about it on the news. My reaction was "That is so gross! I would never let my baby pee all over everything like that!" Of course, I didn't have a baby, or even a husband, at the time.

Starting Infant Potty Training was not planned at all for me.
Haven was about 4 and a half months old when I was about to put her in the bathtub. On the way, she pooped on the floor -right next to the potty! I thought, "She could have pooped in the potty..." And that's how it started. You can imagine my shock when, after only setting her on the potty about 3 or 4 times, she actually peed in the potty! I was hooked!

However, I did not want to try diaper free. I was so scared of my baby peeing all over everything! For 3 months I just took off her cloth diaper to potty her and put it back on when she was done. This became an annoying task, especially when she would refuse to go. Then there was the problem of misses. I wanted to change the misses as soon as possible so that she wouldn't get used to being wet. I was getting sick of diaper on-diaper off-diaper on-diaper off!

Suddenly, I thought, "Hey, she could go diaper free while I wash dishes or cook. She would be in the kitchen and any misses could be quickly wiped away. Taking her potty would be a cinch, since there would be no diaper to mess with." So I tried it this morning and I couldn't have asked for better results. Thank you, part-time diaper free!

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