Thursday, July 30, 2009

UPDATE 2: Training up a child

Another 8 minute success at 1:15 pm today! Boy, do those 8 minutes seem like an eternity! I'm thinking, "She's never going to give up!" But she does and sooner than I expect.

I've been reading what people think about traditional discipline online and it's quite sickening. Some parents say, "I never make demands of my children, I simply ask them to do something and if they say 'Do I have to?' I say 'no.'" THAT IS INSANE! Imagine this scenario:

Child is standing in the street when parent sees the child is in danger.
PARENT: Johnny will you please get out of the road?
CHILD: Do I have to?
PARENT: No, but what if a car comes and you get hit?
CHILD: I don't see any cars.
PARENT: If a car comes you will get hit by it. Do you want to get hit by a car?
The child thinks for a minute. The child is too immature to understand the consequences of being hit by a car.
Parent sees a car approaching.
PARENT: You have to get out of the road, there is a car coming!
CHILD: NO! I don't want to!
Parent grabs child. Child becomes limp and begins throwing a fit. Parent drags screaming child out of the road just in time.

How could that parent FORCE their child to do something?!?!? How cruel to break that little spirit!! How cruelly authoritarian of that overly traditional parent!!

You get my point.

I think I may know the cause of all this.
1. People want to do what they want to do.
2. People know that God made laws for them to obey.
3. People decided that God's laws do not matter.
4. People decided they are better off without God's laws.
5. People decided that obedience to laws (commands) is a weakness.
6. People do not want to make their children weak by forcing obedience onto their children.
1. People suffer because they break God's laws (example: the adulterer losses his family's trust, the fornicator losses his purity and gets sexual diseases)
2. Children suffer (become spoiled brats) because their parents refuse to make them obey.
3. Parents finally must force obedience in desperate situations.

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