Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Explaination Video about Elimination Communication

She mentions the child arching his back to indicate that he does not need to use the potty. However, in my experience, Haven arches her back because she would rather do something besides use the potty. For example, just a few minutes ago she woke up from her nap so I took her to the potty. She immediately pooped a little and I praised her. Then she started arching her back. I said, "No, no" and put her back. Then she pooped some more. So when it comes to Haven, arching her back does not mean she doesn't need to potty.


Laurie said...

Hi Summer,

Thanks. I'm going to check out that 5-min video.

I also wanted to let you and your readers know that there is a full-length video (2-disk DVD) on the topic called "Potty Whispering". Here's a link:

And here are some other links for webpages about infant potty training:
Potty Whisperer short and sweet overview
Infant Potty Training Fundamentals, translated into many languages


tribalbaby said...

Hi Summer,
Arching - yes I agree with you that it can have several meanings - not wanting the potty is just the first level of understanding that behaviour! In time, gradations of understanding emerge - as you have found.

I talk about arching a bit more on this page of my site on EC:

Another comon reason is that yes, baby does need to go, but they may be uncomfy in that position, as there is a poop on the way, or some gas, and whoa, you're putting me in the squat already? A giggle on the way, a cuddle and offering again in a little while is often all that is needed.


It was from an article of Laurie's (above) that I first learnt of infant potty training / elimination communication. How that article changed my life!

It is always thrilling to catch a wee or poo in a potty / laundry tub or bucket. We are doing it for the second time now, and I enjoy the thrill just as much still!


P.S have you seen my new resources at Part Time Diaper Free? It'll help you keep motivated and in the right mind-set for ECing. So excited to have over 700 people taking my guided tour of Baby Pottying now...

Charndra at Part Time EC said...

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