Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For Stay-at-home Moms and Moms who wish they could

Let's say that a child cost $52,158 in formula, childcare and disposable diapers over a 12 year period. Let's say that a woman has 6 children. Let's say that she has these 6 children in a 10 year period. From the time her first child is born, until her last child is 12 years old will be 22 years. Over that 22 year period, this woman will spend $312,948 on her children’s formula, childcare and disposable diapers. This averages out to be $14,225 per year over the 22 year period.

Let’s say that this woman takes home $20,000 from her job after taxes. After she pays for her children’s expenses, she will average $5,775 left over each year. That makes her profit $127,050 over the 22 year period.

For the record, this woman has spent $312,948 so that she could continue working at a job that would only bring her $127,050 ahead after a 22 year period.

Q:Why did you use a scenario of 6 children when the average family size is much smaller?
A:Because I hope to have 6 children, and I think that many other woman would consider having larger families if they thought they could afford being a full-time stay-at-home mom. Women today are limited in the number of children they can have because they work outside the home and have to bear the cost of formula and childcare. If these women stayed home and breastfed their babies, the cost for these items would be $0.

Q:Why do you only take three things into account when estimating the cost of a child?
A:Because those are the three things that women usually have to pay for when they work outside the home that stay-at-home mom’s do not have to pay for.

Q:What if our family desperately needs that extra $5,775 per year that I would get from working outside the home?
A:How about starting a home business? It wouldn’t have to be too large to only make 5k-6k a year! Plus, if you do have 6 children, they will eventually be old enough to help you with the business.

Q:What if I’m a single mom?
A:Someone has to watch your kids, no matter what the situation may be. Is not being able to be the one to watch your kids your punishment for being a single mom? I don’t think it should be. Again, look into starting a home business. If your children are being watched for free by a relative, why? If your relative really cares about you and wants to help you, why don’t they go get a job and let YOU watch your own kids? I know I don’t know everyone’s personal situation, and there are situations far more complicated than the ones I have mentioned. I simply want women to think about their options. I want women to have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE to raise their own children.
Summer Duncan

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