Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Rant

I had my appointment yesterday and had the blood drawn for the Lenetix test. I should hear back about that some time next week.

I still haven't had an MCA scan, I'm 22 weeks. They did the anatomy ultrasound and the tech doing it said that they usually do not start the MCA scans that early. I told her that everyone I'd heard of started at 18 weeks... so I don't know what's going on there. She said the baby looks perfect (it's a boy!) and has no signs of hydrops, which made me feel better. I even asked her why should couldn't just go ahead and do the MCA scan, since she had already told me that they do them in that room, but she never gave me a straight answer.

I'm praying so hard that the baby has negative blood! I don't know if I can stand going to that clinic for the entire pregnancy!

I was also told by a nurse that my titers were NOT checked at my last visit, which is so upsetting because I called and they told me that the number was 1:16, which is the same number it has been all along. I feel like I was given a false sense of relief because I thought the number was simply staying the same. So I guess my titers have not been checked for 2 months. They said they would check them yesterday, I hope they did. They also scheduled my next visit for 4 weeks again. I decided not to say anything, just in case the baby's blood turns out to be negative. If it's positive, I will be calling and insisting on a sooner appointment.

Do you think that I'm overboard and just a big complainer? Or does it seem like things aren't being handled very well in my situation?

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