Thursday, September 10, 2009


I bought the Yobaby yogurt for Haven (Heath wasn't with me when I went shopping, lol). I got the 6 pack with vanilla and banana flavors. I mixed the banana with rice cereal and she liked it pretty well. It took three meals to use the whole 4 oz. Tonight, I decided to just feed her the vanilla without mixing it with the cereal. She LOVED it! I decided to taste it to see what the big deal was -it tasted like icing! LOL! She ate almost the whole 4 oz. I finished off the rest. It was delicious. The nutrition facts says it has 13 g of sugar including natural milk sugar. Seems like a lot for a baby. I will probably mix it with cereal from now on.

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Miss W said...

You know you're bringing up Haven to be just like you - a sugarholic!!